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Electronic Cords ~ Cut the cord!

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Every time you buy new electronics there are lots of cords right? Invariably there are extra cords. There are cords and connector/patch cables.


Do you have a drawer or a box of these? Read this carefully.


Photo credit Wikimedia Commons

If you are not using them currently to use the electronic device you don’t need them. You most likely will not ever need them.

Look back in the dark ages when Betamax just came out I worked for an electronics retail store and I have had a great deal of experience with assembly of electronic components. Some of the cords they enclose are not going to work with your situation. In most cases by the time your situation changes you are buying new electronics. New electronics will have their own cords.

Photo credit Wikimedia Commons

Do you need an example? OK, lets say if you still have you VCR and you have all the cords that came with it. Do you still have the VCR – yes? Well you probably can’t use any of the cords other than the ones you are using.

Do you not have the VCR or is it broken? Obviously you DO NOT need the cords.

So I’ll say it one more time.


Got it?  They are clutter.

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Thanks Pamela


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19 thoughts on “Electronic Cords ~ Cut the cord!

  1. Great post! I also love using the zip ties to contain cords that are in use behind our electronics.
    I am to the point I toss old cords when my husband is not around. Or I put them in his box of electric cords to be burned off to salvage the copper.

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  2. But, BUT PAM! What if a zombie apocalypse happens and all my old electronic cords are just exactly what the geeky survivor needs to create a zombie shooter thingy? (okay…throwing them away now….sigh)

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  3. I work in electronics, and when I see cords or electronics that will no longer be needed (or just more than one), I harvest the parts. Things do break and having a spare saves money! I agree with what you say though. If you have old outdated appliances laying around that aren’t being used (or just a massive horde of cords)… donate them! Give them to someone who has a use for it! Great article. Thanks the posting!

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