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Is this your year to park in the garage? Tips to make that happen


October means fall, or some of you say autumn but what ever you say soon there will be falling leaves and falling temperatures. We moved to Arizona to not have cold winds, freezing rain and snow. But the rest of you will soon have to be dealing with just those things. We have always had a rule; if we have a two-car garage we will be parking two cars in it. Not allow it to be filled with clutter and stuff. If you have a garage and you can’t park your car in it and you want to; lets work together and make that happen.

car photo-1470434151738-dc5f4474c239

Now is the perfect time of the year. Not too hot, not too cold. Just right.

First things first: Timing

Start this project the day after your regular trash pick up. Next if you have “Big trash day” or “bulk trash day” start the weekend before that day.

Get lots of big garbage bags.

If you have not used it in a year and it is not a tool let it go.

You have 3 choices; you can throw it away, donate it or sell it.

Rubbermaid Garage Makeover before

If you moved into your house over 2 years ago and you have boxes that you still have not opened. Don’t. Just donate them. You have not needed them they are taking up space.


If you have unfinished projects that have been unfinished for over 2 years, news flash you are not going to finish them. Let them go. If not set a firm deadline and if that deadline passes without you completing them you have to let them go.

If you have used oil, paint or other chemicals that you need to get rid of Waste Management has some tips. municipalities residential-solutions household-hazardous-waste

If you are using your garage as a storage facility for excess furniture that you do not have a timetable to use, you need to let it go. Most likely when you move into that new house your old stuff that has been sitting in the garage with the spiders, bugs, mice and dust will not work in your space. I can only assume it does not work in your current house.   If you are holding on to your bachelor furniture that your wife will not let you move into the house, just let it go. She is not going to change her mind. Wouldn’t you rather park your car in the garage then sit in that ratty recliner with the oversized rear projection screen TV?

juha-lakaniemi-photo-of-icy-carRemember, months of winter weather are fast approaching. Just saying 10 to 20 more minutes of sleep vs. starting a cold car, scraping off the windshield. Being the wonderful man who you are you will not have to do the same thing for your wife. She will be so happy.

Remember Happy Wife….Happy Life.

Maybe she will buy you a new amazing recliner for your dream man cave.

In summary!

Garages: Just because you have a Garage for storage, doesn’t mean you have to keep everything there forever. Schedule one or two days a year to give the Garage a once over. Once you get the hang of it you wont have to make a big project out of it. Just look for a few things that you can toss or donate. And then do it!

Thanks PamelaPam's Bee.jpg

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Declutter your mind

I hope you enjoy this reblog from Doorstep Wisdom.  I will see you tomorrow.  Thanks Pamela

Our minds. As the sun sets each day, we are a collection of our thoughts, feelings and experiences. Similar to a white board, smart board, or chalk board, depending on your generation. Our minds are filled, covered and crowded with thoughts. Becoming jumbled, and rather confusing some days. They can truly weigh us down, or […]

via Our minds — Doorstep Wisdom

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Do you have a Tiny fleet of exotic toddler cars but no toddler?


Happy Fall Y’all!  OK so the seasons have changed. Now is a great time to evaluate your children’s toys. Do they have lots of outdoor toys that they just did not play with this past summer? Do you have a toddler-sized fleet of power ride on toys? Maybe a Barbie Jeep, a Little Tikes Cozy Coupe and a Peg Perego John Deere Gator in your garage and your Mommy Mobile has to sit out side?

What is wrong with this picture?

How about if your garage has enough scooters, bikes, wagons and skates to outfit the entire street and your kids are not interested in any of them.barbie-jeep

I get that it might be nice for you to say you have a Corvette, an Escalade, a Jeep, a Gator, motorcycle and scooter in your garage but seriously.  Winter is coming and wouldn’t you rather have your car in the garage so you don’t have to ice off of scrape your windshield?   Just saying.

Look I know how cute her 12” huffy Disney bike is but really she is now 14. When did she last hop in the Barbie Jeep and take it for a cruise? If you need a garage for your kid’s ride on toys and your kid doesn’t ride them you need to let them go. Think sell them or donate them. They are worth some money. Sell them and use that money towards something they will use and play with.

Little Tike Car
Cutie for a Christmas Card

While we are on the subject of toys, which have been outgrown, lets talk about your yard. Are you still hanging on to the sand box or the pink peppermint patty playhouse? Your baby is a boy. He’s 13 there is no way he will be playing in the sand box no matter what you bribe him with. Besides it might now be a kitty litter box. Is that what you really want in your yard? Do you have a trampoline in the back yard that is so worn out it should be declared a hazard zone? Get rid of that accident and lawsuit waiting to happen. There is no reason to keep all the outdoor oversized toys your children have outgrown. Unless you are running a daycare your yard should not look like a toddler used car lot. Embrace change! Let go of clutter.


Thanks Pamela!

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Clean Your Entire Home in Under One Hour — Home School On A Dime

One day, while searching for a cleaning hack for my stained shower, I stumbled across the term “speed cleaning”. Ever heard of it? I hadn’t, but having done cleaning as a profession for years, I was intrigued. This new found term could not have come into my brain at a better time. Yes, you read that […]

via Clean Your Entire Home in Under One Hour — Home School On A Dime

I admit I was more than intrigued.  I hope you enjoy this outstanding article from Home School on a Dime.  Thanks


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Black Cat Blue Sea Award ~ Start the Happy Dance!!

I am so honored to even be thought of enough to be mentioned for any award. Thank you so much to Faye from The Chicken Grandma  blog for nominating me for the Black Cat Blue Sea Award!

I so much have enjoyed getting to know Faye through her blog and I look forward to her wonderful comments.  Make sure to click the link above so you, too, can enjoy a great reading experience!

Back to the award…..this is an award given and received by fellow bloggers and is meant to be fun. If any nominees are not interested in The Black Cat Blue Sea Award, participation is not

But first, what is this award about?

“This award is for bloggers who strive to write for everybody, and no matter how many viewers they get, make an impact on a reader. This award is an expression of gratitude to the nominee. It should be awarded to anybody that you choose deserves it and it doesn’t mean that they must have hundreds of followers and likes.”

The rules are as follows:


The  questions I was asked to answer:

1. How do you find your inspiration for a blog post?

Over the years I see the struggle that clutter causes and I know how disorganization and clutter can overwhelm anyone if allowed. In the beginning I found that  Pinterest was a great source but even better is just listening to what moms are saying. I have a large group of people I follow on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram every day they are dealing with real life.  I see their struggles. I want to help them find a way to make their life easier

2.What do you enjoy most about where you call home? Why?

Home is Arizona. We have a wonderful yard that I designed and I love to spend time out there with my family and friends.  Why: We love the weather here. Yes our summers are hot but we never have to shovel sunshine. Love the diversity of Arizona from Cactus to Pines and amazing activities, restaurants, museums and sights. You can find it all in Arizona.

3.What is your favorite thing to do and with who (or is it whom)? I love spending time with my husband and family. My favorite thing to do is be outside. Be that reading or just watching the birds and my fur babies. That is where I am right now.

I nominate the following

  • Gigi from  A Warm Hello. She takes lovely photographs.
  • Pretty Plus and Proud. – The most amazing blog about loving yourself no matter how much of you there is to love. We come in all sizes!
  • Tina from Explore Laugh Dream. her mantra is TAKE TIME TO DO WHAT MAKES YOUR SOUL HAPPY. I love that!!
  • Norma from Norma Bobb. She blogs short to the point words and pictures about self motivation and acceptance. Really who doesn’t need this! Right.
  • Nancy Ruth from My Kitchen My Thoughts. is always tempting me with amazing real recipes. I love home cooking and I am not fancy so she writes right up my alley.
  • I love Dr. Andrea Dinardo, She writes at she is all about thriving under pressure. I think we are all under pressure. Some more than others but we all need a way to have positivity and stress Resilience in our lives. She may be too busy to respond but y’all will enjoy her blog.
  • Watching the Daisies is another wonderful blog written by Brigid P. Gallagher. Watching The Daisies. Brigid also talks about learning to slow down has been one of her major life lessons, hence the title “Watching the Daisies” !

The 3 questions I want you to answer are:

(a) Something you did that made you feel like a hero?

(b) When you started blogging, what were the things you didn’t know? (Like I didn’t know anything-awards, reblogs etc.!)

(c) One thing you’re excessively proud of? Why?

Remember If any of the questions asked are offending or simply do not want to be answered, the nominee does not have to answer them to earn the award.  I can’t wait until you read some of the amazing blogs and get to know the authors.  Have a wonderful day and see ya later.


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Nothing Risk Nothing Gained

Enjoy this article from Jess.  She writes Life with Jess..  See you tomorrow.  Thanks  Pamela

I can’t. That’s too hard! I’m not strong enough. I’m not good enough. Do any of those sound familiar? For the longest times these were the about the only few phrases in my vocabulary. It did not matter the question… these were always my answer. Everything was terrifying to me.

via Oh,But What If It Does! — Life with Jess


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867-5309 Jenny. But Jenny changed her number..

I have been on a bit of a digital kick lately. Today I want to talk to you about your address and contact lists


Now back in the day I had a Rolodex. It was a very important to me and to my job. I was quite proud of my Rolodex. It had phone numbers of everyone I had ever needed to contact. Such as the number for specific courts, judges, court clerks, attorneys, clients. Each time I changed jobs I took my Rolodex with me. Over the time it grew and grew.

Today I think many of you do the same thing digitally.   However today you can find phone number very easy on the Internet. My Rolodex was my Internet since it was pre-internet days.rolodex-rollkartei_hg

I remember when someone changed numbers or change staff I had to re do my rolodex card or use whiteout to change the number. Oh what a pain.

I also remember back when we first got cell phone when you got a new phone you had to re-enter the numbers. Now that was a real pain. Yes I know I am dating myself.


Now in my phone I have my address book. But you see I don’t need to have old property management company for a property we no longer own or the lady who lived close to the property that by since 1. We were not friends and 2. She died. Now that I live in another state I have no need for the roofer or the plumber much less the landscaper. I also don ‘t need the address or home phone number of acquaintances  who have moved and changed their number. The divorced friends now x-spouse that I did not like anyway I have no need to keep their number.

My point is that you probably have clutter in your contact or address list as well. You might find that you have names, numbers and addresses in your digital address book that are no longer relevant or necessary. If you don’t need them delete them.   Clean out the clutter and organize you digital address book or contact list.

Clutter can be found in many places. Some clutter is easy to control.

So do you have clutter in your address book?

Thanks Pamela

Pam's Bee.jpg

Photo credit Unsplash

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A mother’s view on Organizing Life.

This past week-end (at my insistence) my daughter and I organized her closet and drawers. Every square inch was stuffed with wrinkled clothing..much of it too old, too big, too small or just plain way too ugly to ever wear. I was surprised how much she fussed about keeping some of the stuff. I mean […]

via Organizing Life. — MERMAID IN A MUDSLIDE


Enjoy and I will see you tomorrow!



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Tips to organized your electronic photos

Smile!  Selfie!  Group Shot! Candid Shot! Look over here!!

selfie -photo-1461669802687-84a1aee43a29.jpgOK now that most of us are living in the digital age we have a camera on our phone and our tablets. Plus many of us have digital cameras. We take lots of pictures. We shoot selfies, our kids, our pets, our food, our flowers, our toes and lots of other things.A photo by Toronto Eaters.


I take photos of my grocery lists, of books I want to read, of business cards I want to keep, I snap screen shots of directions, email information and other tidbits that I want to explore further.

Life is too short to keep bad pictures! But no one wants to lose his or her memories.

We have memory sticks; chips, memory cards, DVDs, old cell phones and some of us have negatives.cell phone photo photo-1454473332662-09275b52e5a1

But did you know that electronic photos can and do create clutter?

How many bad photos do you have? How about duplicates? There is really no reason to keep unrecognizable overexposed or underexposed blurry pictures or unintentional photos of your hand or the floor.

Have you organized them? Most people don’t they leave them where they took them. Cell phone or digital camera. You share them on Facebook, Instagram or by email. But that is also how they can be lost. What should you save? How to organize them? Where are they?

The first thing you have to do is find them. Go through all those old devices and see what you want to keep. Then you will need to decide how and where you want to keep your photos. There are lots of articles and tips on this that can be found all over the Internet.

Electronic photos are fairly easy to organize. You can set up folders and then you can further organize them by subject. Thank goodness electronic photos are dated. So automatically they are by date. It is easy to start with a folder per year. Then you can organize them by event. You may want to be specific if you are setting up a folder for holidays who knows what holidays are in there.

For even more specific tips on how to organized your digital photos I have attached a link from techlicious com 10 tips to keep your digital photos organized

coffee photo-1444418776041-9c7e33cc5a9c

I recently read that it is highly likely that most photographed generation will be the one who don’t have a photograph in 10 years. What do you think?

Thanks Pamela


(Photo credit Unsplash)

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