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Rags to Riches ~ When does underwear need to go?

Rags or Cleaning Cloths – How many do you really need?

OK, so I know you all need a certain amount of rags or cleaning cloths. My hubby has cloths to clean the cars, ones to clean his golf clubs. We have designated specific cleaning rags for him to use and they are not white or the nice ones. He knows where they are and what is OK to use.

I have towels for the dogs – They are not the new fancy ones, actually, they are old beach towels.

wet dogs playing photo-1456143077270-30de0a1bf7bc

But sometimes I go to a client’s home and they have lots of rags. They have drawers, boxes, bags, and crates full of rags. Don’t use precious drawer space for cleaning cloths.

I understand using rags for when you are polishing your furniture. Of course, you need rags when you are using bleach in your bathroom.

I am absolutely for that. Where we run into problems is when there are too many of them. Limit the amount you actually have. Just like everything else in your home you should designate a space for rags. Also if you have cleaning rags in a designated spot your family will not be prone to use your good towels to clean the mud off of the dog or their shoes. Right! There is a method to my madness.

corvette photo-1446585522508-708651815284

Garage – For your automotive cleaning you will need probably 6 such as One of each Wash, Glass, Conditioner, Interior cleaner, Wheels, Tires and possible 1 or 2 old towels to dry.

For General house cleaning you really only need maybe 3 or 4 cleaning rags or clothes; One of each for windows, polishing furniture, and one or two for bathrooms. You get the idea.

I toss them in the washer when I am done cleaning and then they are ready for use when you need them the next time.Mudy kid - photo-1460563718712-def1dbc17322

The whole point is to limit to what you really need and use. Toss the rest. This may not sound like it would save you much space. True. But small changes make a big difference. If you want to start getting organized this is a perfect way to start. It will only take you a few minutes. You can do it. I’m here to help.

I love your comments.

Thanks Pamela

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