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via A thought for Thank God It’s Friday — Random Writings on the Bathroom Wall

I would rather live a life of Oh Wells rather than What Ifs.

Seize the day and have a great weekend!!  See you tomorrow.


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#seizetheday #TGIF #livelarge #nowhatifs


I am from Oklahoma. Now living the dream in Arizona. I'm a sassy, creative and outspoken southern gal. I believe that if you can read you can go anywhere. One of my favorite sayings is "If you knew you could not fail what would you do?" I enjoy helping other people. My friends know that I’m the queen of useless trivial knowledge and I will not hesitate to use it.

12 thoughts on “TGIF

      1. That “what if” allergy can quickly expand to include the “If only I had…” , and “I should have ….” and “I could have….”. The latter two are known around here as the “shitty shoulds” and “crappy coulds”! 🙂

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