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Pet Project! Tips to organize pet stuff

Fair warning, this post is going to the dogs.

As you know I am the proud pet parent of 2 designer mutts.  One is a maltese/yorkie and the other is a maltese/poodle.  They are very spoiled and have a great toy collection.thumb_IMG_3035_1024

I do rotate their toys. Just like I recommend for my human parents. I’m still working with them to convince them that they need to pick up their toys before they go to bed. I must say this is not going well. It’s more like they have me trained to pick them up for them.

We do have systems in place to keep their stuff organized and contained. First of all we keep their food in a snap top container. We use a plastic file box. It holds a bag of their food.

Then we have a large basket for all their paraphilia. Such as medicines, extra toys, treats and their travel bowl. We have a grooming caddie with all their grooming supplies. When it is bath time I just grab their caddie off of the shelf and go. It makes it so much easier and I know where the dog nail clippers are at all times.

Their food, caddie and basket have a place in the linen closet. That is their dog zone.

We have a file folder to keep their records. You may want a file for each pet containing its medical history, vaccination records, license documents, and other such information. This along with the Vet contact information is invaluable in an emergency, when you need it quickly. If you have a Mom Manual make sure you add this to your Mom Manual.

We keep treats in a decorative jar in the family room & in the bedroom OK I ‘ll be honest we have treats in almost every room in our house. Remember I did say they are spoiled.   So we use screw top decorative jars that look better than treat bags all over the place.

How could you say no to this face?

One of ours gets a daily pill and yes she has her own pillbox – Hey it is easy to keep up with and we don’t have to ask the other did you give her the pill today?

They have a small basket that holds all their toys. Every so often you have to go through and trash a few. We are lucky ours do not tear up their toys.

De-clutter their stuff that you don’t use.

Old beds, crates that are too small or broken, treats they don’t like, food that does not agree with them. If you don’t still have that pet and you are not planning on getting a new one. Keep in mind rescue groups would love to have usable stuff you no longer need.

Their harnesses and leashes are hanging by the back door, which is the only door they get to use. Also we use a yoga mat in our SUV for a seat protector. It is perfect. With the added bonus of when not in use it appears that I work out. LOL.

Tuck their beds and bowls in out-of-the-way spots. Beds in nooks or under your bed will make everyone happy. No one wants to be tripping over dog beds and they will appreciate being out of the traffic zone but still with the family.

Also, you might find that putting their bowls in a tray will contain their food and water spills.   My girls are not messy but they do have a mat to keep their bowls from sliding around and designate their feeding zone.

I have dogs but whatever type of pet you have you should create a pet zone. Keeping all their stuff in one place. Good luck with corralling your pet stuff.

I love your comments and if you have any tips to help me get the girls to pick up their toys I’m all ears.Pam's Bee.jpg








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I am from Oklahoma. Now living the dream in Arizona. I'm a sassy, creative and outspoken southern gal. I believe that if you can read you can go anywhere. One of my favorite sayings is "If you knew you could not fail what would you do?" I enjoy helping other people. My friends know that I’m the queen of useless trivial knowledge and I will not hesitate to use it.

26 thoughts on “Pet Project! Tips to organize pet stuff

  1. Nice tips, I use most of them however tweaked to fit our spoiled boy. I’ve had no luck teaching him to pick up his toys, but had no trouble teaching him to open his toy box to get them out. Now ou tell me, who has trained who? Thanks for the great tips.

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  2. Grrrrreat tips. We have a toy box for their things and it’s so cute when Bella goes to get a toy out of it. She takes her time to chose which one she wants. Just like a human kid. And we purchased one of those large food containers with a screw on lid for their kibble food. Your dog’s sound like adorable mixtures. ❤

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  3. This is one thing I do have organized is pet stuff! It’s all in plastic shoe box containers (shampoo, conditioner, nail clippers etc-labeled bath stuff) stored in bathroom.
    Their food and treats are stored on a shelf in containers. And toys organized in a tote in the living which like our dogs they haven’t seemed to catch on how to put their toys away either..they need more practice I think.
    A container holds all their extra leashes and harnesses.
    Another container holds their winter fleece jackets and booties.
    Then one holds their first aid kit and medicine!

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  4. Our dog knows in which cabinet I store her nail clippers. When I open that cabinet in the laundry room and pop the lid off the plastic storage box, she tucks tail and heads for the hills! ha ha Now, if I turn around and open the closet where her food is kept in a small, lidded trash can, she perks up her ears and prances instead!

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  5. Excellent tips! Choppy’s stuff is really well organized, though I would like to have some time to go through her clothing bins and reorganize them. Right now, they just got created as I bought clothing, but I would like them to have some rhyme/reason as to what is in each bin. As it stands now, I have to review the spreadsheet of costumes to figure out where thing are (yes, there is a spreadsheet. There are a lot of clothes!).


  6. Great tips. 🙂 Cute puppies. 🙂

    Fifteen minutes after I have put my dog’s toys in their place, he goes and takes them out again. 🙂 When it comes to his toys I stick to ones that I can throw in the washing machine.

    For his dry dog food and treats, I get the largest bag(s) I can and then I use the vacuum sealer to make smaller bags. I also reuse the bags for dog food and treats later on.

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  7. For his dry dog food and treats, I get the largest bag(s) I can and then I use the vacuum sealer to make smaller bags. 🙂
    Fifteen minutes after I have put my dog’s toys in their place, he goes and takes them out again.

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