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Another Perspective on Decluttering From— The Adventures Of 5 plus 1!

When you are have six yes I said 6 people in your house you have to be on guard against clutter at all times.  I love the perspective of The Adventures of 5 plus 1.  She tells a wonderful tale.

via 5 Reasons Why I Love To Declutter — The Adventures Of 5 plus 1!

5 Reasons Why I Love To Declutter


It would be fair to say that our home takes a thorough pounding, a combination of six of us, home educating and throw a curious energetic toddler to the mix and the result is….. well yep it’s pretty full on!  It wouldn’t be unusual to find a worm on the kitchen table, an ant farm being cultivated in the (not switched on!) slow cooker, a football in the bath and the ever-present trail of raisins on the floor…  As School holidays roll around I am itching to find the floor again, re-organise things and evacuate at least some of the spiders and redundant stuff that has slowly collected.  I honestly don’t mind doing it as the benefits definitely outweigh the effort.

As I type we are currently over half way through our declutter and deep clean just the kitchen, utility room and garage to go….  Ahem – they have been left until last for good reason….  Here is why I love a good old spring clean…..

1) Supporting local charities and library – Its such a good feeling to load the car up with bags of clothes, toys and books and redistribute them.  So far four huge bags of clothes have gone to the Salvation Army and two bags of books donated to our local library.  Incidentally it seems going paperless doesn’t actually mean paperless, I still had a recycle bag full of paperwork to shred – at least the guinea pig was happy!

2) Finding all the missing items – I am pleased to report we have indeed found the missing charger, playmobil person and last puzzle piece, although it is always a mystery how they ended up in the airing cupboard,empty flour packet and bookshelf!

3) Making some pennies – The eBay/Amazon profits of the few items we list give us a good head start on some new resources, books, clothes.  I don’t try to sell everything we clear out, I just don’t have the stamina for all that listing.

4) Aesthetic Appeal – Everything just feels fresher, lighter, more organised and it’s all quicker and easier to clean – for a while anyway.  Since this is a fairly established pattern for us now it is not too onerous a task.  I do remember the early days and our old playroom (you can read ‘Our Toy Story’ here) could take me days to get through never mind the whole house.

5) Developing good habits – Even my biggies recognise the benefits of a good clear out and they actually don’t moan about doing their bedrooms.  They have complete control of their things and what to keep but are pretty sensible.  I’m proud of them!

If you don’t hear from me next week I’ll perhaps be losing the will to live in the garage – but it will be so worth it!


I am from Oklahoma. Now living the dream in Arizona. I'm a sassy, creative and outspoken southern gal. I believe that if you can read you can go anywhere. One of my favorite sayings is "If you knew you could not fail what would you do?" I enjoy helping other people. My friends know that I’m the queen of useless trivial knowledge and I will not hesitate to use it.

13 thoughts on “Another Perspective on Decluttering From— The Adventures Of 5 plus 1!

  1. Well after 12 years in this house we finally decided to clean the garage. It took three days and we are officially done as of this moment. We need to empty the truck bed at the dumpster, make a stop at the Salvation Army, and another at my parents, but otherwise it’s done. 😀

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  2. great post, i am on a bit a declutter crazy, but oh how nice to have space, less stuff, not that the house is messy – but the cupboards are a tad squashed, but becoming less so. Also decluttering really makes you rethink your stuff and automatically stops my shopping habits that got out of whack a while back. I love donating to charity shop and love that my junk earn them money to do good with… bonus all round.

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  3. I am so happy! For my birthday yesterday I received from Poor George (who I swore never listened to a word I said) two can organizers for my pantry! woohooooooooo!!!..the cans are neatly organized now and the oldest are the first ones to be grabbed from it’s little shelves! The kitchen is organized now..I loved your suggestion of a “maybe” pile back a few blogs ago. I put stuff there until I am finished sorting and it is now so EASY to look at the “stuff” and just get rid of it! Thank you!

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  4. I grew up in a cluttered home and HATED it. I’m very anti-clutter, but it’s hard with the children. They’re good at cleaning up the common areas, but the younger two’s bedroom–ugh! I realized it was a losing battle. They at least have “areas” for the clutter, rather than just everywhere, but still. I have to not look too closely when I go in there.

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