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Air your dirty laundry here….

The Laundry Room.  Oh my goodness that is a room we use alot.  But still it’s laundry today or naked tomorrow.

I had an amazing laundry room at one of our houses it was large; it had a lot of cabinets, a large area to fold you the laundry and even room for a freezer.

That was a dream. Now I have a nightmare laundry room. It is a tiny pass through from the garage. sob, sob…

No matter what size your laundry room is you still have to use it as though it was the dream laundry room. So what to do?

Ikea 4664959801_6897439715_z
Ikea Laundry Room

You have to use every bit of space you have.

First if you have front loading machines, you can add a counter top. There are lots of choices for your countertop material.   You can use a slab door, a countertop or even a wire-ventilated shelf. Then you will have a large area to fold your laundry

Then if you have cabinets, lets add an inexpensive towel rack on the bottom of the cabinets to hold hangers, you will find that your hangers are close at hand but not in the way. Another option is to add a Spacemaker™ Towel Bar simply easily attach to the hinge of your door to provide an instant hanging oasis. (Bonus, if you have 2 doors you can double up on your temporary hanging space.) By adding the towel bar you have a place you can hang up your items as you take them out of the dryer. Remember if you fold and hang things up as you remove them from the dryer you will save time and your clothes will not be as wrinkled.

OK so if you need more hanging or drying space add a folding dry rack. There are ones that fit over the door or my favorite is the ones that mount to the wall and fold away.

You will need a pocket change holder. The rule at our house is what is found in pockets in the laundry belongs to who ever does the laundry.

Something else is the single sock. Where have all the good ones gone? How about a clothespin sign to hold those single socks seeking mates.

Think Vertical

Lets make those doors work for you. Use them, you may not have much wall space but you can add over the door rack with shelves to the doors. You will find lots of space to store your stain remover. Spare change jar (blame it on Pinterest!) also you can use clothespins to hold those missing socks. Any extra shelves can hold extra paper towels and such.over the door 31HifzrkjrL._SY300_

Additional uses of vertical. Add a shelve above your door. Perfect for storing your back up paper products. How about adding a tension rod shower multiple-shelf unit caddie. Use the caddie above your laundry machines.shower caddie -ffb20ec7-5ea2-41c4-9386-f10a2d4d18ba_400

Use every inch of space.

You may find there are a few inches between your washer and dryer. I have enough room for a step stool. You might have enough for a pull out organizer to hold your laundry products.


Keep in mind that laundry detergent and those pods fascinate the little kiddos. Keep all those out of their reach. It’s too bad that once they are old enough to do laundry they are no longer fascinated by laundry.

I am a big fan of hooks. My laundry room also has to do double duty as the mudroom. My keys, purse, books and general stuff that needs to go back to the car has to have a place in there as well.

For more information Lowes has wonderful ideas and details creative-ideas for utility-and-storage

For those of you with small laundry room’s I feel your pain.  Your laundry room is a busy place.  So lets organinize and make the most of it.  Pam's Bee.jpg


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9 thoughts on “Air your dirty laundry here….

  1. Looks like a dream laundry room, so I’ll just dream. Most people in apartments like ours here just have a washer in the bathroom. We did do a shelve and hook area though. And drying takes creativity 🙂

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  2. Pamela, this was a timely post — I just threw a load in to wash. 🙂 Every time I go into my laundry room I think: “Hmmmm… what can I do to make better use of this space?” (Not that it’s spacious, but after not having a washer & dryer at all for a couple of years, let alone a room to put them in, I’m tickled to have a “place.”) Your ideas will help transform it into “my space!” (And a more efficient one at that.) Thank you!

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