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Day 3 Quote Challenge -Seize the Day.

This has been an easy challenge for me.  I love quotes and I am following some amazing blogs!

Hello!!! A big thank you to  The Chicken Grandma for nominating me for this 3 Day Quote Challenge. You can check out her wonderful blog “The Chicken Grandma” by clicking right here  If you haven’t become acquainted with her by now you are missing out.  She is a special lady.

Day three –

According to the rules I now need to nominate 3 other blogs to participate and for today I choose:

  1. Roberta Pimental She has an an fabulous post on Admiration.
  2. April’s Perspective  You have to check our her post on Who she Admires.  This gal has  her priorities on straight.
  3. Once Upon a Hot Flash  Meet Deb – she writes a blog of having a positive attitude with abundance of gratitude and a laugh at menopause.

The rules for this challenge are as follows:


  • Post one quote each day for 3 days.
  • A theme for each day would be nice (although not necessary)
  • Nominate 3 blogs to pick up the challenge and pass on…
  • Don’t forget to let your nominees know on their blog…

My Quote for day three is:

Don’t count the days ~ Make the Days Count – Muhhamad Ali

My husband and I had a sign in our house that said, “The most Important things are Not things.”  I believe this is true.  As a friend recently reminded me that none of us will get out of here alive.  So we must make the most of every day.  Tomorrow is not guaranteed.

So Seize the Day!  Carpe Diem!

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Day 2, Quote Challenge! Gone to the Dogs!

This is an easy challenge for me.  I love quotes and I am following some amazing blogs!

Hello!!! A big thank you to  The Chicken Grandma for nominating me for this 3 Day Quote Challenge. You can check out her wonderful blog “The Chicken Grandma” by clicking right here  You will find out how she got her name and other amazing thing about her.

Day Two –

According to the rules I now need to nominate 3 other blogs to participate and for today I choose:

  1. Mad Cap Dog  zany dog exploits – and other tails
  2. me and ray  Ray is a German Shepherd – If you would like a much more detailed account of his thoughts, then you should get his book “Who said I was up for adoption?” Not only will he have no secrets when you reach the last page, but all profits are going to the Humane Society that rescued him and spent four months training him to become a feasible candidate for adoption (He had a lot of issues!).  According to his pet parent.
  3. Travels with Choppy Choppy and Schooner put in a fashion show every day with their Fur parents Sarah and Paul.

The rules for this challenge are as follows:


  • Post one quote each day for 3 days.
  • A theme for each day would be nice (although not necessary)
  • Nominate 3 blogs to pick up the challenge and pass on…
  • Don’t forget to let your nominees know on their blog…

My Theme is: the Dog Days of Summer

There is a great quote from author Mary Ann Evans, also known by her pen name George Eliot, that says: “We long for an affection altogether ignorant of our faults. Heaven has accorded this to us in the uncritical canine attachment.” Instead of looking for approval from other people, imagine what your dog thinks of you. The love that your dog has for you is one of the most unadulterated loves. Your dog does not care if you are thin or fat. Your dog does not judge if you are having a bad day. And your dog will never reject your affection. You are your dog’s favorite person.Source Huffington Post

My quote for the day is:

Be The Person Your Dog Thinks You Are.

George Eliot

Thanks Pamela!

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Challenge Accepted! 3 day Quote Challenge!

Hello!!! A big thank you to  The Chicken Grandma for nominating me for this 3 Day Quote Challenge. You can check out her wonderful blog “The Chicken Grandma” by clicking right here  You will find out how she got her name and other amazing thing about her.

Day one –

According to the rules I now need to nominate 3 other blogs to participate and for today I choose:

  1. retirizing
  2. Big Baby Belly – A live lived mostly in my high-chair
  3. Writing from my 14th Country

The rules for this challenge are as follows:


  • Post one quote each day for 3 days.
  • A theme for each day would be nice (although not necessary)
  • Nominate 3 blogs to pick up the challenge and pass on…
  • Don’t forget to let your nominees know on their blog…

My Quote for today is:  Show respect even to people who don’t deserve it,  not as a reflection of their character, but as a reflection of yours.

I hope you check out the amazing blogs  I have nominated.

Happy Friday and check back tomorrow.

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Paper Chase! No More ~ Organize Your Papers

Binders can by your best buddy to get  you organized.

You need a binder for your life if you don’t do file folders then a binder may work better for you.

Living in Oklahoma as you know is tornado alley. Every spring we would have the threat of severe weather. So when you think there is the very real possibility your home could be wiped off of the map or at the least have parts and pieces end up in Kansas you develop a special set of skills. One of skills is you have things you know you need to grab on the way out the door.

We lived in Oklahoma on May 3, 1999, when a F5 tornado smashed into and through my neighborhood. Our weatherman said, “People in the path of this storm need to get underground or get out-of-town.”

lightning by lucy chian photo-1442213391790-7656f6e368b9.jpg

Since we didn’t have an underground shelter. So we got out-of-town. We were rushing though the house grabbing stuff, our insurance information, homeowner’s policy, health insurance, car insurance, identification papers and even a list of phone numbers. Also, we had just purchased a new vehicle and had yet to notify our insurance agent of this new purchase so some information about our vehicle wasn’t a bad idea. This would have been so much easier and less chaotic if we had a binder.

Well fortunately for us our house was still standing. Our trees and fence were another story and we never did find the owner of a patio chair that blew into our yard.

After that experience we created a home binder.

Weather v. by Jordan Ladikos photo-1454702762838-a6df8cc3517f
Photo by Jordan Ladikos

Home Binder –

It has copies of our deed to our home and our insurance policies.  Each time we make a major purchase we document the purchase; warranty dates then add the warranty and receipt to our home binder. At one time I kept the manuals but now all this is readily available on the Internet. So I can’t find a reason why should I keep them.  We do keep a list of maintenance, repairs and upgrades we have made to our house.  This information is helpful with you are selling your home and you have to make the necessary disclosures.

Important Paper Binder –

We have a binder for our important papers. This binder stays in a fireproof box.

For us important papers are birth certificates, marriage license, passports, social security card, wills and trust documents other licenses and certificates. Additionally we have a DVD of the inside of our home. (This is very helpful if you have to replace your contents.)

Home Management Binder –

This could be called the ICE or Mom Manual. It will have flyers from your kids sports, school events, schedules and newsletters. Also it will have an emergency contact sheet. This binder will have school, teacher, baby sitter or daycare provider contact info. Passwords can also be stored in this binder. You can add pages for your budget and bill payment schedule.

BInders from Flickr7845750442_03c60af15a_b
Photo from Flickr

I know some families use a binder for their kids’ artwork and school papers. Every child gets a binder. Papers you want to keep are 3-hole punched and placed in the binder immediately. Then at the end of the year you can scan the ones you want to preserve forever.

There are lots of templates online for pages of anything else you might want or need to have.

The purpose of the binder is to put everything all together and easily accessible. I look forward to hearing about your binders, how they simply and organize your life.

Thanks  Pamela!

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Tip Tuesday:

Hello,  you know I am the Queen of Useless Trivial Knowledge and sometimes that knowledge is actually helpful.

Hang it up –

  • When you are trying to hang an object with pre set screw holes. Take a photo of the back of the object you will be hanging. Print it off and voila you have a perfect template.
  • Use masking tape to measure distance between the two holes, now put the tape on the wall.
  • If you are hanging a large object. Place a dab of toothpaste on the back of the hanger to make your spot, then position the frame on the wall, press the frame against the wall to have the toothpaste mark the spot!
  • If you are hanging a collage make a paper template of each object you will be hanging. Arrange the paper on the floor. Then nail the paper to the wall. Rip off the paper you are ready to place your objects.
  • For hanging picture with the wire on the back. Make a helper; by taking a ruler drive a nail completely thru the ruler near one end of the ruler. Now you are going to be able to place the wire on the nail, press the nail into the wall and it will leave an indentation where you need to hammer in the hanging nail.
Photo from

Clean if off –

  • Use a pillowcase to clean your ceiling fans. Just slip the fan blade inside of the pillowcase, (throw it over the blade, and pull back towards the end. Your dust will fall into the pillowcase and not all over the floor or your bed or you.
  • Place waxed paper on the top of your kitchen cabinets to catch dust and grease. You can easily replace it every few months.
  • Place a damp sponge in your microwave for a few minutes the sponge will be serialized and all that steam will allow you to easily wipe the crud off of the inside of your microwave. Make sure you let the sponge set in there for a few minutes after the time to allow for cooling. That sponge will be sizzling HOT.
Photo from Wikipedia

Remove it –

  • Use a rubber band to remove a stripped screw. Place the rubber band on top to the screw and use your screwdriver to remove it as you normally would.
  • Having trouble opening a jar or bottle – Place a rubber band around the lid. It will give you a little extra grip. You a can place another around the jar for double gripping power.

I am sure you have lots of tried and true tips as well.  Want to share your best?

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Simply Sunday – living with kids

A question that keeps popping up is how to contain the toys in the living room?


An answer is a piece of furniture that has closed storage. That might be your accent table with a basket below or a storage ottoman if you have room.

Don’t allow you living room to become the toy room. Limit the amount of toys allowed there at any time. There is no reason you can’t have your kids store their toys in their room or their playroom. They can bring toys into the living room and then take them back when they are done with them. Or you put them in a tote or basket and put them away.

toys in cubbie7109983281_5e52fc9bc4_b

Another thing I find frequently is kids have too many toy options. Limit their options. Try rotating their toys. Let them choose say 10 to play with and you put the rest in a tote. If you do this say every month your kids will feel like they are getting new toys without you spending any money. Plus you limit the amount of clutter. Kids don’t play with all their toys. Think about when you go to grandma’s house. She has limited toys and they play just fine with those.

I see lots of stuff you buy your kids when you are shopping as a bribe to “be good.” Stop doing this! You are wasting money and adding lots of clutter to your life. While they may scream and carry on that they want a toy in the store how long does that toy entertain them after you get it home? Right there is no need for this. Just say no. Your kids have trained you that every time they go with you they get a toy. Guess what you are not doing them or you any favors. So you buy them a cheap toy that is cheaply made. It breaks soon after they bring it home. Another melt down that it is broken. I bet if you added up all the money you have spent on cheap toys you would be able to pay a sitter.

grocery shopping-5046645416_0a4c0722de_b

Just like don’t shop when you are hungry don’t take your kids when they are hungry or tired. Give them a snack before.

Take something with you to keep your child engaged. Younger kids need one of their toys or a book. Older kids can help you shop.

I love the tips and ideas from creative with kids. I have attached a link

13 ways to make grocery shopping with kids less torturous or maybe even fun

One of her tips is to Indulge in Grocery Store Fantasy – Good for when the “I wants” come up. You ask questions like: “OK, if the grocery store only carried three things, what do you wish they were?”  “What if we could only eat candy? Wouldn’t that be funny? What would you eat for breakfast?” Of course you are not going to let them eat marshmallows with chocolate for breakfast but it is a fun game.

Another parent suggested that her kids love to guess how much fruits and vegetables weigh and then put them on the scale. As a result they eat more fruits and vegetables.

Now in most places you can do your grocery shopping online. You know that must be something that was invented by a mom, to which we say thank you.

What are your tips for living and shopping with kids.

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Moving on up! Moving Tips

Are you moving? Or will you be moving soon? I have made my share of moves. From the across town to across the country. Over those moves though trial and error I have found there are things you can do to make your move smooth or at least smoother.

Electronics – Before you disconnect your electronics take a photo of the back of the TV and the back of the device. Then it will be super easy to re-attach the cords in the correct place. For the very tech challenged put stickers on all your cords. Number them or use different colors. Next put the cords in resealable baggies along with the remotes. Tape the baggie to the back of the TV or device. Label the bag in the event it gets separated from the device.


No lost parts – If you have to disassemble any furniture make sure you put the bolts and screws in a resealable bag and label it.drill photo-1458829549177-e9a8f3db5b14.jpg

Label every box by room. Use different bright color stickers, labels or duct tape to identify the room.   This will make the move easier because your helpers will not be asking where does this go. If everything is marked it is a no brainer.

Speaking of rooms don’t pack stuff from different rooms in the same box.

boxes  5-3

Make a master list of boxes by rooms. For example, Master 9 boxes, Kitchen 20 boxes and so on will make it easy to identify if anything is missing.

Plus pack a box of First Day Essentials for the first box to be opened at the new location. You will need trash bags, cleaners, paper products (toilet paper, paper towels, paper plates, cups), soap, coffee, box cutter and a coffee maker.

Speaking of 1st day. You will need to pack a few days worth if stuff in an overnight bag for your family. It will be easier than trying to find what you need for a few days. Pretend you are camping.


Use your suitcases with wheels for your heavy items. Rolling
luggage is a lot easer than lifting and carrying.

Bag it! Garbage bags for your clothes. Slip a garbage bag over your clothes while they are still hanging on the rod and you will not have to remove them from their hangers and is easy to re-hang them in your new closet. Just hang them up and rip off the bag.   This is good even if you are using closet or wardrobe boxes.

Put foam plates between your dishes to cushion them. I also like wine boxes to pack my glasses. They are heavy-duty and already have the dividers.

Plastic wrap is your friend. Use it to wrap stuff that stays together like your silverware tray. Use plastic wrap under the lids of all opened liquids. Moving is stressful enough you don’t need spills to add to the mess.

Donate, purge, sell, and or give away! If you haven’t used it don’t move it. Let it go.

Make a packing supplies tote. Nothing is more frustrating than you have packed a box and you can’t find the tape, or the scissors, or the label or the marker. Put them all in a tote that can move from room to room with you. Buy more packing tape than you thing you will need. Better to have too much than not enough. Also make sure you reinforce and double up taping the bottom of boxes you are loading down with heavy stuff.

Don’t make your boxes too heavy. You will be so tired and your helpers will thank you. There is less chance of boxes being dropped if they are lighter.

Good luck on your move. I love your comments.



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Make the most of your Closet Space~

Does your closet look like a disaster? Are you clothes wrinkled when you pull them out to wear? Do you have hangers all over the place?

Today is a good day to stop the madness. Before you start I need you to go shopping. I know Yea!! You are shopping for HANGERS.

My number one tip to an organized closet is to use nice hangers. I love wooden hangers. All my husband’s stuff is on wooden hangers. They are sturdy and the handle the abuse. I find them at Ikea or Amazon. You can find them anywhere even at thrift shops.mans shrits on hangers

In my closet I use the crystal clear dress hangers like what you find at the department store. I want my closet to remind me of a small (all right TINY) boutique.

I also use the velvet non-slip hangers. Perfect for summer tops because they don’t slid off. Another great thing about the non-slip hangers is they are narrow and you can put more hangers in your closet. I find that the nicer hangers make your clothes look better.

sussex master closet
Sorted by color but still in progress.

We banished wire hangers as they do nothing for your clothes. You get the dreaded shoulder hanger bumps. Those thin wire hangers are actually bad for your clothes. You could leave wire hangers in your guest room if you don’t want your guests to stay long or return. I personally don’t recommend it.

On another note don’t leave your clothes in the dry cleaning bags. Your clothes need to breath. If your clothes get wrinkled in your closet it is because you have too much stuff in there. Plus you want to change out those wire hangers.

Sussex mans closet
Organized mans closet with wooden hangers.

Ready to switch out your hangers and organize your closet?

OK take everything out. You are going to sort everything in 3 piles:

Donate or Sell, Trash, Keep

Did someone give it to you as a gift but you don’t like it? Did you pay too much money for it but now that it is home you hate it? If it doesn’t fit or you have not worn it in a year get rid of it. It’s just taking up space. Sell it or donate it just don’t put it back in your closet.

Unless of course you have more closet space than you could ever fill. Right like that would happen.

r's closet
Organized, color coordinated closet.

Now lets put what you are keeping back. Lets put everything on those nice hangers. Sort by color, sleeve length, put all your shirts together, and pants together, skirts… you get the idea. Think about how a boutique puts together like items. It is so much easier to choose an outfit and find that outfit when you color coordinate and put like items together.

Lets talk about those items that after you have sorted you are on the fence about keeping or letting go of. You can you return them to the closet if you will turn the hangers backwards on the rod. If after 6 months you can see what hangers are still flipped backwards you will know what you have not worn. Remove those unworn items and either sell or donate them.

This is a great thing to do every season – I am sure you will find that by sorting and organizing your clothes you will easily discover what you don’t wear and be able to weed those out.

You might just discover your new favorite top that was lurking in the back of your closet.   Remember, if you buy a new clothing item you need to let go of an item. One in One out: will keep your closet from busting out at the seams.

Enjoy your new nice hangers! Load up those donation bags and take them away. Good Job.

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It’s almost time for SCHOOL! Get ready now.

Wow can you believe July is over half over!  School will be starting before you know it.  For Mom this is great news!!!  Mom control yourself.  For you kiddo’s not so great news.  Am I right?school 7-18

Summer is the time for relaxed rules and lots of fun. But with only weeks until school starts for many of you. Now is a good time to start some new habits. Did you know it takes approximately 21 days for form a new habit?

So lets talk about what you can do now to be ready for the 1st day of school.

Right now is a good time to buy summer clothes. Since school starts so early you may be sending your kids to school in summer clothes until it cools off. Why not take advantage of the summer sales now. This will allow you  spread out your shopping and give your pocketbook a little breather.

Before you shopping you need to know about the school’s dress code. Do they allow printed words on clothes, tank top or saggy/baggy pants? Also, before you shop you should go through your child’s closet. What still fits and what have they outgrown? This is good time to empty their drawers and clean out their closet. It will make getting ready easier you get rid of the stuff that no longer fits or is worn out.

Do you have the right paperwork for your kids to start school?   Now is a good time to gather your papers. Immunization records, birth certificates, report cards from prior school or proof of medical examination for your athlete. Preparing now will prevent a mad search or frantic last-minute trips at the deadline.

Talk to your kids to see what their expectations are? Do they want to participate in sports or other extracurricular activities? How much time are you going to be spending on evening and weekends?Swing photo by Miles Tan-1460788150444-d9dc07fa9dba

Have you arranged for after school care? Make sure your child knows what the plan is and where they will be going.

Speaking of going. How are they getting to school? Do they know they way? Is there a bus or a new schedule? Are they walking? If you are driving them do you have a back up in place? If they are going to a new school a trial run a few days before will ease everyone’s minds. Trust me now it a better time to figure this out rather than the first day of school.7-18 photo-1465143192652-61c44e8449bd

Let’s think about a routine

Time to start everyone on the back to school path.

Meal times, morning and bedtime will shift so if you start early and slowly implement those changes easier. Start creating good habits now. Mornings are going to get crazy – trying to get everyone up, dressed, fed breakfast, lunches packed, dinner planned and out the door…

Setting an evening routine will make your morning better.

The night before:

  • Determine what clothes everyone is going to wear the next day and lay out kid’s clothing.
  • If possible pack lunches and have a dinner plan. Do you want you your kids to make their own lunch? Well if that is the case. Lets set up a zone with lunch items in an easy to reach kid friendly space.
  • Check their backpacks for homework, projects or library books. Make sure sports bags or musical instruments are ready to go.
  • Don’t forget you own stuff. Know where your keys, bag and papers are that you will need for your day too.

It’s a great idea to have everything in a designated place easy to access as you walk out the door.

Keep it positive. Your kids may not be as excited as you are to return to school. Get them excited to see old friends or make new. You might want to make posters counting down the days. Plus make the back to school shopping trip a fun event. Let them pick out a few things.

When the first day arrives. Get up early, keep an excited attitude, make a good breakfast, take photos and let the kids chose where to go out to dinner.

What are your back to school tips?Pam's Bee.jpg


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Air your dirty laundry here….

The Laundry Room.  Oh my goodness that is a room we use alot.  But still it’s laundry today or naked tomorrow.

I had an amazing laundry room at one of our houses it was large; it had a lot of cabinets, a large area to fold you the laundry and even room for a freezer.

That was a dream. Now I have a nightmare laundry room. It is a tiny pass through from the garage. sob, sob…

No matter what size your laundry room is you still have to use it as though it was the dream laundry room. So what to do?

Ikea 4664959801_6897439715_z
Ikea Laundry Room

You have to use every bit of space you have.

First if you have front loading machines, you can add a counter top. There are lots of choices for your countertop material.   You can use a slab door, a countertop or even a wire-ventilated shelf. Then you will have a large area to fold your laundry

Then if you have cabinets, lets add an inexpensive towel rack on the bottom of the cabinets to hold hangers, you will find that your hangers are close at hand but not in the way. Another option is to add a Spacemaker™ Towel Bar simply easily attach to the hinge of your door to provide an instant hanging oasis. (Bonus, if you have 2 doors you can double up on your temporary hanging space.) By adding the towel bar you have a place you can hang up your items as you take them out of the dryer. Remember if you fold and hang things up as you remove them from the dryer you will save time and your clothes will not be as wrinkled.

OK so if you need more hanging or drying space add a folding dry rack. There are ones that fit over the door or my favorite is the ones that mount to the wall and fold away.

You will need a pocket change holder. The rule at our house is what is found in pockets in the laundry belongs to who ever does the laundry.

Something else is the single sock. Where have all the good ones gone? How about a clothespin sign to hold those single socks seeking mates.

Think Vertical

Lets make those doors work for you. Use them, you may not have much wall space but you can add over the door rack with shelves to the doors. You will find lots of space to store your stain remover. Spare change jar (blame it on Pinterest!) also you can use clothespins to hold those missing socks. Any extra shelves can hold extra paper towels and such.over the door 31HifzrkjrL._SY300_

Additional uses of vertical. Add a shelve above your door. Perfect for storing your back up paper products. How about adding a tension rod shower multiple-shelf unit caddie. Use the caddie above your laundry machines.shower caddie -ffb20ec7-5ea2-41c4-9386-f10a2d4d18ba_400

Use every inch of space.

You may find there are a few inches between your washer and dryer. I have enough room for a step stool. You might have enough for a pull out organizer to hold your laundry products.


Keep in mind that laundry detergent and those pods fascinate the little kiddos. Keep all those out of their reach. It’s too bad that once they are old enough to do laundry they are no longer fascinated by laundry.

I am a big fan of hooks. My laundry room also has to do double duty as the mudroom. My keys, purse, books and general stuff that needs to go back to the car has to have a place in there as well.

For more information Lowes has wonderful ideas and details creative-ideas for utility-and-storage

For those of you with small laundry room’s I feel your pain.  Your laundry room is a busy place.  So lets organinize and make the most of it.  Pam's Bee.jpg


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