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The secret to no nagging!


You have chores that you have to do every day.   In my house it is feed the dog, give them fresh water, brush my teeth, get dressed and the list goes on.

In your house you have your things you do too. You probably repeat the same daily tasks at your work. Maybe you have to make coffee, open blinds, check email, process snail mail, appointments, return calls, make calls or whatever.

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If you have a list with assigned chores no one can say they didn’t know they needed to do that.

No more you child saying, “You didn’t tell me to take out the trash.”

More importantly a list with assigned chores will keep you from having to nag to get them done.

Every child can be involved. They need structure and it helps them gain good habits. Just tailor your chore list to your child’s age and ability.

By having a list they can check off their chores. You know how good it feels to check something off of your list. Well your children will gain that same satisfaction.

You are teaching life lessons that will follow them well into adulthood. When they are on their own they will be able to recall those habits and the structure you provided them.

If you’d like a complete customizable printable daily/weekly chore list, you can download one from or try

All over Pinterest and the Internet there are lists. This is a list from Sara Mueller.

I am sure you can find one that is  customizable for your specific needs.


  1. Clean the sinks and toilet the bathrooms. I each do a bathroom in the morning.
  2. Vacuum public areas – Mr. Man’s morning chore.
  3. Unload the dishwasher and take out the trash (morning Mr. Man’s).
  4. Do a load of laundry.
  5. Clean up clutter.
  6. Load and run the dishwasher (evening).
  7. Take out trash (Mr. Man’s job).
  8. Clean up clutter (before bed).

For us doing these eight things every day keeps our hive in a respectable condition.

I still do a deep cleaning on a regular basis.

I love your comments.

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15 thoughts on “The secret to no nagging!

  1. Great idea! I used to write a list for my son and he was better able to get things done than when I verbally told/asked him to do chores. Don’t know if my Hubby would appreciate me making him a list!

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  2. Funny I was thinking this morning there has to be a better way than repeating everything 20×3 ( I have 3 kids) God had brought to my mind weeks ago to start a list with each person tasks on it, however I just put it of. Seeing this today is so funny as I had said today : God please help me I feel like I’m growing crazy 😊 really super thanks – may God bless you.

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