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Do you have messy Drawers?

Junk drawers by definition:

To cast aside as junk; discard as no longer of use; scrap.

 Would you agree it stands to reason that having a Junk drawer is generally a bad idea. It is the place you toss you unused, no place assigned for scraps or CRAP.

But seriously how many hours you have wasted searching in that mess of chaos drawer over the past year?

junk drawer before
Junk Drawers

Don’t feel bad everyone has one. I have one.

Call it what you want; junk drawer, catchall, crap drawer, drawer for miscellaneous stuff that I need but not often, or as one of my client called hers “an archive of life”.

What ever you call it the trick is to  limit it to one such drawer and make cleaning it out a regular chore. Don’t allow junk to creep out of the designated drawer.

Only One Junk Drawer Allowed.

An organized junk drawer is even better. So anyone who has been reading my blog knows the drill.

Look it’s a drawer. It will not take you very long.

Empty the drawer. Sort everything in to three piles. Trash, donate and keep.

Dividers and containers make all the difference. You don’t have to have then entire drawer containerized. Just enough to make is easy to see what you have.

Good job. See that did not take long.

Now that you have it organized think of all the time you will be saving.

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I am from Oklahoma. Now living the dream in Arizona. I'm a sassy, creative and outspoken southern gal. I believe that if you can read you can go anywhere. One of my favorite sayings is "If you knew you could not fail what would you do?" I enjoy helping other people. My friends know that I’m the queen of useless trivial knowledge and I will not hesitate to use it.

44 thoughts on “Do you have messy Drawers?

  1. Being British, I read that title twice and briefly wondered to what you were referring to. It could have meant something entirely different in my county in the UK. Yours is a wholesome blog so I will simply say my Nanna told me to always have a clean pair on in case a bus ran me over.

    I haven’t had a junk drawer for years. The kitchen was redesigned and I left out the space for it on purpose. I miss it a bit. We were old frienemies. I rarely left its company without a scratch, a nick or a hang nail. Good times!

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      1. You are very kind to indulge my warped sense of humour so graciously…I will behave myself better in future, I just couldn’t resist this time 😉

        Enjoy the rest of your day! It’s nearly midnight here and I have beauty sleep to grab.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Spot on! I was just looking at my junk drawers. It feels like they are slowly taking over my house. Keeping it to one drawer of ordered chaos sounds like a plan. I’m going to start today

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  3. Hi Pamela, your tips are always great, easy to follow and very practical. i followed your advice on setting a timer on my decluttering day and it helped a lot, i decided i would work through 5 songs before i took a break and i managed to sort out a whole closet!

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  4. I don’t know why I haven’t seriously thought about getting dividers for my junk drawer before. I clean it out a handful of times every year. Usually when I can no longer close it.

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  5. I love my junk drawer! It’s small and slightly organized. Slightly. It really is a drawer for the little parts and pieces I have a feeling go somewhere important, however I can’t quite place where they go.
    Oh! That small, rubber thing goes here! Wonderful! And that is how it gets cleaned out. 😃

    Liked by 2 people

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