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Do you have a shelf full of Travel Mugs?

Photo by Janet Poe

You know ones from your gas station.

Do you have yet another mug from your local coffee shop?

How about the one you were given for your birthday how many years ago?

First of all how many of them are missing their lids?travel-lid-6-2

You do understand a travel mug without a lid is just a mug.

Second. You know you don’t use all of them. Some will not fit in your auto’s cup holder. ARGH!! So then you try to drive and juggle your coffee.

travel-mug-7281995138_77dc2eb8aa_zNot the best and safest idea.





So you know what to do….

Clear them all out. Empty the shelf.

No Lid…. It’s not coming back.

Wrong size? Let it go.

Doesn’t keep hot beverages hot or cold beverages cold.. Trash or donate.

Now put back what made the cut with the lids on them.

That way tomorrow when you grab a mug to make a to-go coffee you will not have to search for the lid.

You are welcome for the time saved. Heck you might just get a promotion at work since you will be on time.

I love your comments.Pam's Bee.jpg



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30 thoughts on “MUG SHOT

  1. OMG! Try 36 years!!! Why do your best friends who know your favorite travel mug…with initials…they gave you…is the one you like and use 24/7-375…and…they give you yet another one????!!! 😩😩😩‼️ What is that about??? 🙄

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  2. Oooo yes – definitely going to be picking up some great tips from your site – Fab – just what I need! I’ll be clearing those mugs without lids and lids without mugs – on my ‘to do’ list for Monday morning! x

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