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Tuesday Trivial Knowledge – Or is it?

For those of you who are planning vacations these tips are for you.

Are you going on a road trip with the family this summer?

car trip 1 photo-1439147229757-b3e2a7731fc8
Ready  for a Road trip?

Start off by doing the following:

Clean Out the (Messy) Car.

You will be happier if you start in a clean car.

Then Swing Thru a Car Wash.

Might as well start with a clean car and a bug free windshield.

Make Car Maintenance a Priority.

We live in Arizona and I cannot stress how important it is to have your car properly maintained. Believe me you do not want to be suck on the side of the road in temps that are around 116 degrees.  Think about your kids and pets.

Snacks, Water and more Snacks!

We always make sure to stock up on some of our favorite snacks.  Don’t forget to take plenty of water.  This is some that we find travel travel well: string cheese, rice cakes, pretzels, bagels, sandwiches, carrots, apple slices, bananas, crackers with cheese or nut butter, granola bars, cookies, raisins, dry cereal, jerky, and pop corn snacks.

Pack a first aid kit. 
Make sure you include large zip top bags which can double as a barf 
bag.  You can't always get stopped in time.

Personal Entertainment Items.

Cloth shopping bags are great to contain the kid’s gear. Electronic games, DVD’s. Don’t forget the chargers and cords.

Instead of packing a suitcase for each person try this:

Pack everyone in one suitcase a day or a few days you will only have to bring 1 suitcase into the hotel. Right!   When I first saw this I was shocked that it took so long to figure this out.

Smart Packing has more great tips click here.

Are you going to the beach?

beach 2 not a parker -photo-1436699005328-ac3965e80aa7
Life is a beach!

Beach Trip Tips

  • Want a place to keep your valuables? Make an instant diaper decoy beach safe. Nobody will be picking that up and walking off with it.
  • Use a fitted sheet to keep the sand at bay and baby happy!
  • Take a pop up tent/shade structure – Cheaper than renting an umbrella for a few days. Also, provides a much larger shade.
  • Also invest in a wagon. You will be so glad that you did when you are trying to wrangle kids, coolers, tent and toys from the parking lot to the beach.

    beach 1 photo-1422286498868-c8edde90b032
    Are we there yet?
  • Freeze your water – Bonus water and ice for your cooler.
  • Freeze you juice pouches. When they are partially thawed, cut open and eat with a spoon.
  • Don’t take chocolate to the beach.
  • Don’t forget your zip lock bags for your electronics.Tuesday Trivial Knowledge
  • A Kids Beach Pool is a lifesaver for young kids. Fill with water or keep empty and fill with toys. It’s also a great spot for a nap.  This is from Baton Rough Moms. She has some great beach tips.

So tell me what are your tips?

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17 thoughts on “Tuesday Trivial Knowledge – Or is it?

      1. Your so welcome ! I love your blog’s helpful encouragement to ‘get organized’. I really enjoyed learning more about you through your answers. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to keeping up with your blog!

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  1. We are headed out soon on a month-long trip (yikes!). This is the first time that I’m attempting to put together a travel wardrobe based on a few colors (in my case: navy, grey and raspberry). So far it has really helped cut down on the clothes and shoes needed since everything goes with everything else.

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