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ARGH!! *%)@#

Things You Hate:

While I realize hate is a strong word ~ let me explain.

Recently, I threw out this nutty whisk/tongs thing. It never gripped anything and plus it was a crappy whisk. Every time I used it I would get annoyed.

Tongs 6-15
Crappy Whisk Gone!!

My mom was caught in a sudden rainstorm and she discovered the umbrella in her car was broken. ARGH! How frustrating. She was soaked. You can bet she tossed that in the trash.

NEVER, EVER keep ANYTHING* in your home that infuriates you.

*Spouses, children and pets excluded.

Life is too short and your time is too precious.

Sunday Assignment:

Go track down one thing that you hate using right now and toss it out.

Bonus points if you can also let go of some clothing item that you every time you put on rides up, falls down or has a big stain on it.

I would love to hear from you on what you tossed today.

Photo by Autumn Mott

Happy Sunday.


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I am from Oklahoma. Now living the dream in Arizona. I'm a sassy, creative and outspoken southern gal. I believe that if you can read you can go anywhere. One of my favorite sayings is "If you knew you could not fail what would you do?" I enjoy helping other people. My friends know that I’m the queen of useless trivial knowledge and I will not hesitate to use it.

35 thoughts on “ARGH!! *%)@#

      1. OK… Crystallized, stuck shut squeeze bottle of honey. Everyone just moved on to the next jar and left this sad one on the counter. Warmed it, made muffins, and it’s GONE!

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  1. So extremely happy our blog paths have crossed! Heaven knows I need all the organizational tips you can muster. My house, after the quasi-recent deaths of Mom, older sister and Dad – well, within 6 years ala dominos, is decorated as Early American Storage Unit. Ugh. I work full-time plus plus BUT have been slowly chipping away at “the stuff that ate my serenity.”
    Heaven knows I don’t have the time to blog but was compelled to do so because reading and writing are tantamount to breathing as far as I’m concerned. Only through said blog did I discover your world so yeppers, taking the time to open a WordPress account was a good thing Non-Martha. 😉
    I look forward to more encouraging words!

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  2. Hello, how lovely to find a blog about tidying. Today I took a bag of clothing to the charity shop – coincidentally! But then I often take things to the charity shop. I have a policy — if it’s not been used for a year we’ll not be needing it. And it’s gone.

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  3. I’ve used a whisk like that before and I just didn’t understand its use at all. As far as I could tell it was absolutely worse than a typical whisk and had nothing going in its favor….so I don’t blame you for throwing it out!

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  4. While cleaning out my parents home after my Mom died I had boxes and boxes of stuff that went to places that could use them. I had six quilts, 4 baby quilts (two of which I am keeping). One I’m keeping for myself, one I gave to my Moms brother, one I’m giving to his son and the other three Im donating to an organization for live auction.
    Everything that I kept has special meaning to me.

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  5. We did a major cleanout this spring. It was sometimes painful and sometimes hard but I got rid of “most” things I haven’t used in years. Clothing is easy. If it isn’t comfortable or it’s stretched out (and I can’t use it as painting clothes) it goes out immediately. It’s the baking pans in wonderful shapes (that I will never use but foster my fantasy of actually baking) or the obscure specialty items like a strawberry huller (I always use a paring knife anyway) that hit the trash heap. Even though we are too young and healthy, I tell my husband we are preparing for the nursing home move.

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  6. Yesterday, I unloaded my closet of 2 boxes of clothes and you just inspired me to look in my cooking utensil drawer. I got rid of a shrimp deveiner. I am 60 years old, have only cooked shrimp once in my life and they were already deveined.

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