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Tuesday Trivial Knowledge – Or is it?

For those of you who are planning vacations these tips are for you.

Are you going on a road trip with the family this summer?

car trip 1 photo-1439147229757-b3e2a7731fc8
Ready  for a Road trip?

Start off by doing the following:

Clean Out the (Messy) Car.

You will be happier if you start in a clean car.

Then Swing Thru a Car Wash.

Might as well start with a clean car and a bug free windshield.

Make Car Maintenance a Priority.

We live in Arizona and I cannot stress how important it is to have your car properly maintained. Believe me you do not want to be suck on the side of the road in temps that are around 116 degrees.  Think about your kids and pets.

Snacks, Water and more Snacks!

We always make sure to stock up on some of our favorite snacks.  Don’t forget to take plenty of water.  This is some that we find travel travel well: string cheese, rice cakes, pretzels, bagels, sandwiches, carrots, apple slices, bananas, crackers with cheese or nut butter, granola bars, cookies, raisins, dry cereal, jerky, and pop corn snacks.

Pack a first aid kit. 
Make sure you include large zip top bags which can double as a barf 
bag.  You can't always get stopped in time.

Personal Entertainment Items.

Cloth shopping bags are great to contain the kid’s gear. Electronic games, DVD’s. Don’t forget the chargers and cords.

Instead of packing a suitcase for each person try this:

Pack everyone in one suitcase a day or a few days you will only have to bring 1 suitcase into the hotel. Right!   When I first saw this I was shocked that it took so long to figure this out.

Smart Packing has more great tips click here.

Are you going to the beach?

beach 2 not a parker -photo-1436699005328-ac3965e80aa7
Life is a beach!

Beach Trip Tips

  • Want a place to keep your valuables? Make an instant diaper decoy beach safe. Nobody will be picking that up and walking off with it.
  • Use a fitted sheet to keep the sand at bay and baby happy!
  • Take a pop up tent/shade structure – Cheaper than renting an umbrella for a few days. Also, provides a much larger shade.
  • Also invest in a wagon. You will be so glad that you did when you are trying to wrangle kids, coolers, tent and toys from the parking lot to the beach.

    beach 1 photo-1422286498868-c8edde90b032
    Are we there yet?
  • Freeze your water – Bonus water and ice for your cooler.
  • Freeze you juice pouches. When they are partially thawed, cut open and eat with a spoon.
  • Don’t take chocolate to the beach.
  • Don’t forget your zip lock bags for your electronics.Tuesday Trivial Knowledge
  • A Kids Beach Pool is a lifesaver for young kids. Fill with water or keep empty and fill with toys. It’s also a great spot for a nap.  This is from Baton Rough Moms. She has some great beach tips.

So tell me what are your tips?

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The Secret to Get Organized


For the past few weeks, I have been helping you take baby steps to get organized. I am trying to make you aware of how easily clutter creeps up on you. I want you to realize how clutter steals time from you.

Today I’m going to tell you the secret to Organization.  Ready?  OK here goes.

A Place For Everything


Everything In Its Place

That’s the secret to Organization.

Easy right.

Well not so much.

I know that some of your stuff overflows its space.

I hear you saying that some of your things never seem to make it to their place.

The problem is that you don’t have a plan. You don’t have a space designated.

You have to make a plan.

Make a Plan.

Where are your things going to go?

Where are your keys, your purse, your stamps or your cell phone charger?

How about your dishes?

In my house, the dishes are on a rack right above the dishwasher. Additionally, that rack holds the same about of dishes that will fit into my dishwasher.

By having a plan with a designated space it is really easy to set the table and unload the dishwasher. Anyone can do it. My guests don’t have to ask where are the zone

My point is they have a place. Create a defined area. By doing this clutter can’t creep in.

Remember in a prior post I talked about Zones. Zones can apply to anything. You need to zone like things together.

Think of a grocery store. Every shelf is labeled. You know what goes in every spot on every shelf. The Aisles are labeled so you know the produce department is where the lemons will be found and the dairy aisle is where the eggs and milk will be found. By the aisles being labeled you know where to find whatever it is you need. Most stores zone like things together. Salt is in the same aisle is flour and sugar.

Your local grocery store would be so much more frustrating if they put things on shelves with no system in place. You walk in the door and today the bread is in the aisle with the motor oil. I venture to guess you would not be shopping there and the store might even go out of business.

Another key point is you have to make your designated space easy to access.

If you don’t make your designated space easy to access you will not put your things back in their place.

Your little’s can put things back if they know where they go and are easy to access. Put their things on their level. If you are short put your stuff at lower levels. If you are tall and can easily reach the upper shelf that might be your go-to spot. If you are 6 foot tall reaching down to the floor for your shoes is a pain. Likewise, if you are 5 foot, you can’t reach the upper shelf. Putting your stuff up there would not be productive. You will not put it back in the designated space.

Just another example is a pet zone:  Dog food, treats, medications all are in a zone altogether. I keep my pups food in a clear plastic container. I always know how much they have and if I need to put pup chow on the list.

Maybe you need to have your deodorant in your closet or where you get dressed instead of the bathroom? I do because I want to put it on first. I don’t need to walk into the bathroom. At my age, I might forget why I went there. By the time I figure it out. It’s too late.   But I digress. My point is that you know how you live. What makes you tick?

Sunday assignment: Think about what you use on a daily basis.   Go room by room and determine what would make your life easier. Allocate a space for those things. Everything has to have a place.Card File drawers 5-29

Make a place for everything.

Make the place easy to access.

If you plan it out and make a plan you will find you are more organized, that clutter does not have a chance to build up and you will more likely to stay organized.

If you or your Little’s need labels to remember what goes where then do it.


A place for everything and everything in its place.

Failure to plan is a plan for failure – Benjamin Franklin

Make a plan.


Stay with me and I will continue sharing tips to help you contain your clutter. Tell me about your plan.

Thanks Pamela

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Blame it on Pinterest

First I want to say, I love Pinterest.

You know what I’m talking about …


They are everywhere.

Ways to remove the labels, up cycle them, dye them with food color, plant your plants in them, and use them in your garden, wedding, baby shower, pantry, and bathroom…

glass jars 5-27


Are you actually going to do any of these things?


OK, if you are you need to have a plan and some control.

Translation: You can only have 3 of these “Projects” at a time.

News flash you can always get more glass jars.

Spaghetti dinner on Monday ~ Bam Glass Jar

Toddler ~ Hello you have baby food jars running out your ears.

Mason Jars Are Ending this Charade Once and for All

And that is the crux of the problem. You have jars running out your ears. They are in every nook, cranny, they have lids, or not.

Look, I get it. Really I do. I use glass jars.

My husband makes his own spice rubs so we have some of glass

BUT I don’t have a crazy large collection. I have a few jars that I actually use.

I want you to take them all out of all the places they hide.

Then purge.

Designate a small spot for glass jars. When you have more jars than fits in your space you must recycle them.

You can do this. I did and it’s OK.

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<a href="">Repurpose</a>

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Taming your Tupperware!

Tupperware, takeout containers, butter tubs, Rubbermaid…

No matter what you call them they are plastic food containers.

Love them or hate them I find that they are both a major part of every kitchen and the bane of many of my clients.

plastic containers no lids 5-25Does this sound like your house? Do you have a mountain of them? Do you open a cabinet and they crash down on your head, fall all over the floor? Do you have them stashed in your lower cabinets?


Dinner is over, you are clearing the table, you have leftovers that your know will be perfect for lunch tomorrow or dinner. So you open a drawer and dig around. Finally find the right size, fill it up with your leftovers only to discover you can’t find the lid?

Where is the darned lid?

No lid?

News flash a plastic food container with NO lid is just a crappy bowl.

Also do you have food containers that you have nuked until they glowed? Melted, food stained, stinky? WHY! Just throw them out too.

Don’t try to reuse takeout containers. They are not designed for multiple re-use.

You want to get control?

Lets Round up your Rubbermaid

First remove them all from your cabinets and drawers.

Now sort them.  Remember….


Stained, melted or stinky = Right you guessed it ~ TRASH.

Now what are you left with? How many do you really need?

That is for you do decide. I might suggest that you box half of the remaining containers and put them on a shelf or in a closet. If you don’t need any of them in say 3 months you really didn’t need them.

Now that you have purged your plastic food container stash I want to say  Great job!

Let’s talk about conquering your plastic.

I nest and stack mine. Also many of my containers will use the same lids. I actually have a larger Rubbermaid box with a lid that I store all my containers in. That box lives on the floor of my pantry. I can pull the entire box out to get the exact size that I need then easily return the box to the designated spot. You might rather have a basket or such.

These stack very well.

Wherever you decide your plastic containers are going to live make sure it is a small and defined place.

Don’t dedicate an entire shelf or drawer to containers. If you do you will be prone to fill the entire shelf or drawer.

“Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”– Will Rogers

Simple Right? I love your comments. Tell me how many did you trash?

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Chewbacca Mom

Laughter is contagious! You can’t help but laugh when you see this.


Have you seen the Chewbacca mom video that has gone viral? If you haven’t, I suggest you stop reading this and check it out.

Chewbacca mom YouTube video
Why? Because I want to laugh like that. I want to be so frigging excited about something that I laugh my ass off. I want to be as self confident as her. Wow, she put herself out there on YouTube for the whole world to judge her (because that’s what we all do) and she didn’t give one damn about what we thought. She was just so excited to show off her new Chewie mask that she had to show us all. Thank you Chewbacca mom. Thank you for making me want to take life a little less seriously. Thank you for making so many people laugh with you. There is so much crap going on in the world and we all…

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Does Your Home Welcome You?

Monday probably the most dreaded day of the week.

Today I want to talk to you about first impressions.  Not someone else’s but yours.

If you walk in the door and your eyes see clutter you are not welcomed.

So lets work in fixing that.

Walk in your door. What do you see?

Photo by David Allen

Piles of mail, shoes, umbrellas how about jackets? Maybe it is books or backpacks? Did you have to step over or push something aside? Was it cluttered, messy or jumbled?

That is not welcoming.  Not peaceful.  It is stressful and chaotic.

OK so lets fix it. Here is where you start.

Clear it all out. Yes, All of it.

OK Cleared out?

Now think about what really needs to be there. What was there that you actually use?

photo by Nick Turner | Unsplash

Ok . Now lets organize it with hooks, shelves, cubbies, a tray or a bowl.

Hang Hooks in Your Entry Way –Hooks immediately inside the door for backpacks, purses and keys. You walk in the door; they come off and go straight on the hooks. No more fumbling for keys, finding jackets or backpacks, wondering where you left your purse.

Bonus if you have a trash bin to toss junk mail!

Do this one thing until it is habit and I’m telling you it will save hours of lost time and exasperation. For those of us who use your garage Kudos! It doesn’t matter what door is your entry door. Put the hooks immediately inside that door (I use my laundry room as my drop point. It’s perfect.)

You deserve to walk in the door and your home should be your sanctuary or your haven. If you organize this area your will be surprised that your home will be inviting and leave you with a feeling of being relaxed and welcomed home.

Make your home your haven. You can do it.

You will thank me tomorrow when your keys are right by the door and you hit the snooze button one more time.

If you want to see some Ideas to Steal from 10 Clever Small Space Entryways Click here.

So tell me what door do you use to enter your haven? Front door, Back Door, Garage Door or what?

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Psst…… What’s In Your Drawers?

OK, let’s talk about your drawers.

Are you hoarding rubber bands, twist ties, shopping bags or you tell me?

Why? You don’t need 1,000 rubber bands, 50 twist ties from your bread wrappers or 25 paper bags.

Really, you don’t. You might need a dozen rubber bands and a few of the other things. Why do you think you might need them? If you can’t come up with a good reason let them go.

And No a Rainy day is not a good reason.

The better question is, how many have I used in the past 6 months? If you answer is none then you really don’t need them.

rubber band ball

I’ll admit my Dad had an amazing rubber band ball but he had goal. When it reached a certain size he would retire. By the way he did.


Throw away, recycle or sell needs to be your mantra!


“Happiness is a place between too little and too much” – Finnish Proverb


What did you do today to find your happy place today?

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Perfectionism or Procrastination

I am sharing this because Juli makes some excellent points here. I hope you enjoy it.


A Procrastinator’s Guide From A to Z

“We’re all damaged in our own way. Nobody’s perfect. I think we’re all somewhat screwy. Every single one of us.”
― Johnny Depp


P is for Perfection.

Procrastination and Perfectionism go together like peas and carrots.  Like Ethel and Lucy. Like Sam and Dean Winchester.  Sigh…

I am wired to do everything the “right way” the first time around.  I don’t know if it was Nature or Nurture that made me this way, or a combination of the two, but that’s just how I am.  My brain says, “Do it the right way, and you’ll never have to do it again!”  Wouldn’t it be great if that actually worked?  The problem is, most tasks don’t have a “right way,” I am FAR from perfect, and when I can’t do tasks the “right way,” I don’t want to do them at all! It’s…

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